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Rectangular Convex Mirror

Rectangular Convex Mirror
Rectangular Convex Mirror
Product Code : 30
Product Description

Rectangular Convex Mirror :

AVAILABLE SIZES:- 18”,24”,26”.


One of the best ways to deter thieves is to keep a close watch on strategic areas of your store through the usage of Rectangular convex mirrors.   These affordable security mirrors are custom-made to provide amazing visibility that is available to you while you maintain your position at the cash register or in the back office.   You may place a rectangular convex mirror wherever it suits you, and then monitor your store from your preferred location.   Much cheaper than additional security cameras or in-store security guards, rectangular convex mirrors are designed to offer the ultimate in security without the daunting price tag.


When you get proactive about your store’s security by installing affordable, high-quality Rectangular convex mirrors, you’ll take back the control that you’ve lost, and you’ll change the way that feel about your security system’s effectiveness.   These mirrors offer brilliant clarity that will allow you to minimize or eliminate pilferage in your retail